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Location: 1907 Mangrove Ave Suite C Chico CA 95926


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At Ghost Poppy, we proudly curate a collection that celebrates diversity and empowerment. By consciously choosing to stock products from women-owned and LGBTQ+ small businesses, we're not just filling our shelves—we're building a community. This is our commitment to amplifying voices and stories that reflect resilience, innovation, and the vibrancy of human experience. Each item in our store is a testament to the strength of inclusivity and the beauty of representation. When you shop with us, you're supporting a tapestry of unique perspectives and helping to weave a more equitable world.

We carry all our Ghost Poppy products, along with other curated products from small business. 

Brands we stock:

Cosmic Butcher

Boss Dotty Paper Co

Katie Blanchard Art + Works


Ash + Chess

The Peach Fuzz


The Good Twin

And Here We Are

Kendra Lee Miller Art

Meow Meow Tweet

Cosmic Peace Studio

Hey Ricochet

5 Eye Studio

Enlighten the Occasion

Lantern Print Co.

Bench Pressed

Sow the Magic


Jasmine's Beauty Secrets

Talking Out of Turn

Birdie Co

Solar Eclipse 

Zizia Botanicals


Red Cap Cards

Marisa Segovia

Bromstad Printing Co.

Holly Oddly

Our promise is to create high quality, plant-based home fragrance products that are safe for people, pets, and the planet.

- Karla & Shawn, Founders

Meet Karla & Shawn, Ghost Poppy Founders

Ghost Poppy was created in 2017 by Karla in her San Diego Kitchen. After years of pursuing Ghost Poppy as a side hustle, Shawn & Karla took the plunge in 2022 and made Ghost Poppy a full-time family business. In 2024 Shawn and Karla opened a Ghost Poppy retail store in Chico California!

Our products

All Ghost Poppy products are vegan, cruelty-free, and phthalate-free. Our bases and fragrance oils are paraben and sulfate free. Our room spray base is wildcrafted and organic. Our candles are made with 100% domestically grown soy wax. All Ghost Poppy products are developed, produced, tested, packed, and shipped by Shawn & Karla.

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