Ghost Poppy

Having received a mint bundle to help clear the air in my apartment from my sister after a visit to Salem Massachusetts, Ghost Poppy was born. I saw how my love of potion making and spiritual wellness can be combined to bring ritual wellness and good smells to my spooky soul sisters and misters. Ghost Poppy is comprised of home and personal spell kits to help attract positive energy and dispel unwanted energies in your home/space and personal life. All are welcome in the coven.

Karla Schulze - Founder

Now located in Chico California

About Karla

I have been creating potions and spells since the release of Sorcerer's Stone. A Michigan native, in 2015 I  moved to San Diego to pursue a career in design. Since that time, my passion for spiritual wellness, love of all things magical,  and the desire to always have a good smelling space, have all combined to form Ghost Poppy. And besides, who doesn't need a little more magic in their life?

Ghost Poppy is Female Owned, Operated, and Financed. 

Cancer Sun, Capricorn Moon, Scorpio Rising


“Ritual Wellness for the Spooky Soul”


We give back!

Every year 2% of annual sales goes to various animal non profits. Your purchase makes a difference!

Previous Donations:

Farm Sanctuary

Herbivorous acres

Natural Resources Defense Council

Animal Legal Defense Fund