The Whaley House

Located in Old Town San Diego, California and was crowned the "Finest Home in Southern California '' at its completion in 1857, now it is reported to be the "Most Haunted Home in America ''.

Built by Thomas Whaley to be the gathering place for the community. Besides the Whaley family home, it was also San Diego’s first commercial theater, the second county courthouse, and a bilingual general store.

The property was infamous amongst the community as the site where horse thief Yankee Jim Robinson was publicly executed, and now haunts the house. Jim was too tall for the gallows constructed, and instead of a quick hanging, he suffocated slowly.

The house is haunted by many members of the Whaley family; baby Thomas Jr who died at 18 months due to scarlet fever, Violet Whaley shot herself in the chest at 22, Anna, Francis, George, and Corinne Lillian Whaley who all died in the house.


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