The Jonathan Corwin House

Located in Salem, Massachusetts built sometime between 1620-1642. In 1675 Judge Jonathan Corwin bought the property. The house is the only remaining structure related to the trials.

Judge Corwin was among several judges directly presiding over the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. Rumor states that they interview accused witches and perform examinations in the parlor. The trials resulted in 20 people being executed and 7 died in prison awaiting trial, one was the newborn of Sarah Good who was hanged after the baby died. 

Staff and visitors have heard whispering, banging of a gavel, woman's screams, and a small child crying. The ghost of another Judge of the trials, Jonathan Hathorne who is buried at nearby Old Burying Point Cemetery has been seen walking between the house and the cemetery. 

Jonathan and his wife lost 7 of their 10 children as infants. Only 3 survived into adulthood, giving rise to the “Corwin Curse”. Many believed the witches cursed his family thus setting the stage for the 1692 trials.


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