NO. 32080 St. Augustine Lighthouse

Perched on the northern tip of Anastasia Island in Florida, the St. Augustine Lighthouse casts an iconic silhouette against the coastal skyline. Since its construction in 1874, this towering beacon has guided countless ships safely to shore, but it's also home to an intriguing blend of maritime history and ghostly lore. Its legacy of tragic shipwrecks, sudden accidents, and the lives of its dedicated keepers give this historic landmark a haunted reputation that draws in tourists, historians, and paranormal investigators alike.

Perhaps the most well-known spirits reported at the St. Augustine Lighthouse are those of Eliza and Mary Pittee, daughters of Hezekiah Pittee, a superintendent overseeing lighthouse construction in the late 1800s. In a tragic accident, the two girls drowned when the cart they were playing in broke loose and slid into the ocean.

Guests and staff have reported hearing unexplained sounds of children's laughter echoing through the lighthouse, and some claim to have seen the spectral figures of two little girls playing on the lighthouse grounds. 

One of the earliest keepers of the original lighthouse (predecessor to the current one) was Joseph Andreu, who met an untimely death while painting the tower. He fell from a great height and died upon impact, leaving his bereft wife, Maria Mestre de los Dolores Andreu, to take over as the official keeper — one of the first women to serve in such a role in American history.

Over the years, the ghostly figure of a man has been spotted at the top of the tower and on the lighthouse stairway. Some have reported smelling the distinct odor of cigar smoke, something Andreu was known for during his life. 

In addition to these historical figures, guests and investigators have reported encounters with a tall, shadowy figure in the basement of the lighthouse keeper's quarters. This spectral figure is said to move objects and make ominous noises. His identity remains a mystery, adding an intriguing layer of mystery to the lighthouse's haunted lore.

The St. Augustine Lighthouse, with its blend of historical significance and spectral phenomena, continues to fascinate and spook visitors. It's been the subject of several paranormal investigations, including an episode of the popular TV show, "Ghost Hunters," where some compelling evidence was captured.

Today, the lighthouse offers 'Dark of the Moon' tours that explore its haunted history, inviting brave souls to experience its eerie atmosphere firsthand. This iconic structure not only continues to stand as a testament to maritime history but also serves as a spectral beacon, its ethereal inhabitants forever tied to their seaside home.

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