NO. 3322 Lemp Mansion


Located in St. Louis, Missouri the Lemp Mansion has seen tragedy after tragedy. The mansion was built in 1890 as a new home for the Lemp Brewery and home for the family. The Brewery was founded by Adam Lemp, a German immigrant whose Lager Beer became extremely popular as it was a change to the dark stouts available at the time. However, the family's success was short-lived, and their personal tragedies and scandals led to their downfall. It's said that the ghosts of the Lemp family still haunt the mansion to this day.

From the mansion, a tunnel was built from the basement through the caves to the brewery. When mechanical refrigeration became available, parts of the cave were converted for other purposes, including a natural auditorium and a theater. This underground oasis would later spawn a large concrete swimming pool, with hot water piped in from the brewery boiling house, and a bowling alley. 

In the midst of this success, the Lemp family experienced the first of many tragedies when Frederick Lemp, William Sr’s favorite son and heir died in 1901 at the age of 28. William was never the same after Federick death and on February 13, 1904, he shot himself in the head in his bedroom. 

His son William J. Lemp, Jr took over the brewery with his wife Lillian . Once probation hit, Lillian left William and the brewery was shut down. William Jr shot himself in his office on December 29, 1922.

Elsa Lemp Wright, daughter of William Sr, also lived in the house with William Jr and Lillian. In 1919 she divorced her husband, only to remarry him in March 1920. One week later Elsa shot herself while in bed and died of her wound. Many believe it was a murder covered up to look like a suicide. William Jr’s brother moved into the mansion in the 40’s.  Charles became the fourth member of the Lemp family to commit suicide. First, he shot his beloved Doberman Pinscher in the basement of the mansion. Then, climbing the staircase to his room on the second floor, he shot himself. He was found on May 10, 1949. 

The home is now an inn and restaurant. Staff and visitors have reported figures, voices and sounds coming from nowhere, and glasses will often lift off the bar flying through the air by themselves. On other occasions, doors are said to lock and unlock by themselves, lights inexplicably turn on and off of their own free will, and the piano bar often plays when no one is near.

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