Biltmore Estate

the biltmore estate

Located in Asheville, North Carolina and built by George Washington Vanderbilt II in 1895. The Biltmore Estate is the largest home in the country with 250 rooms.

The Vanderbilt's hosted grand parties, where the house included an indoor pool—as well as hidden doors, rooms, and passageways designed to give the family and their guests privacy and to enable the staff to move among gathering spaces unobtrusively.

George died in 1914 from an emergency appendectomy. Visitors and staff have reported hearing “George” repeatedly in the hallways and his ghost has been seen in his study. It is believed that the spirit of Edith Vanderbilt herself is wandering the halls and possibly searching for her husband. At night, some of the people working the grounds had heard sounds of laughter, glasses clinking, and party-like chatter.

Most of the visitors had reported seeing spirits going up or down the stairs. Sounds of footsteps had also been heard on multiple occasions. There have been reports of strange smells, cold spots, and eerie feelings when visitors would go up or down the stairs.

Also on the property is the The old Forestry Compound that was once the Biltmore Forestry School and the site of a sex workers murder. The spirit of the woman, along with a few others who were executed by hanging inside the old building, is said to be haunting the halls of the old compound.


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