NO.364 'Iolani Palace

NO.364 'Iolani Palace

Located in Honolulu, Hawaii ‘Iolani Palace was completed in 1882 and is the only Royal Palace on US soil. The Palace was the official residence of the Hawaiian monarchs, beginning with King  Kamehameha III under the Kamehameha Dynasty (1845) and ending with Queen Liliʻuokalani (1893) under the Kalākaua Dynasty. After the monarchy was overthrown in 1893, the building was used as the capitol building for the Provisional Government, Republic, Territory, and State of Hawaiʻi until 1969. The palace was restored and opened to the public as a museum in 1978.

The site of ʻIolani Palace was near an ancient burial site known as Pohukaina, a burial ground for the aliʻi (ruling class). So for once we actually have proof of a haunting due to “ancient burial ground”. The most commonly seen ghost is that of Queen Lili'uokalani, at 5:30 every morning she can be seen walking the grounds in her rich black dress, and in the window of her former bedroom, where she was imprisoned for 9 months after the coup.

Other paranormal activity reported at 'Iolani Palace includes unexplained footsteps, doors opening and closing on their own, and strange noises coming from empty rooms. Some visitors have even claimed to have felt a presence watching them or touching them, despite no one else being around.

One of the most haunted spots in the palace is the basement, where the royal family's wine cellar and the kitchen were located. Staff members have reported feeling uneasy in this area and have heard strange noises and seen shadows moving in the corners of their eyes.

Staff and guards have heard the piano playing, even though it is encased in glass. Guards and staff have reported smelling strong tobacco while walking in the halls late at night. Torch lights have been seen moving about the grounds at night, only to disappear once you step outside.

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