NO. 119 Harvey Public Library

NO. 119 Harvey Public Library

Located in Harvey, North Dakota, the Harvey Public Library was once the scene of a horrible murder. 

In 1931 Sophia Eberlein-Bentz and her husband Jacob Bentz lived in a house where the library now stands. On October 2, 1931 Jacob bludgeoned Sophia to death while she slept. He did his best to clean up the scene of the crime and tried to make Sophie's death look like a car accident. However, when Sophia's daughter Lillian came home for the funeral, she found blood in the house and reported her findings to the police. Bentz admitted the crime during the investigation and was sentenced to life in prison. In 1990 the Harvey Public Library opened on the site of the Bentz former house, with the librarians office built right where the bedroom once stood. Staff and visitors report flickering lights, missing objects, cold spots, and strange computer glitches. The ghost, they say, is Sophie. And coincidentally, the library opened on the anniversary of Sophie’s funeral.

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