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So you’re probably wondering, wow this is some cool shit, but Im not a witch”, or, “Im not really sure how to use these kits”. Well, you don't need to be a witch to enjoy our products. We see witches on a very broad spectrum, whether you practice Wicca, are a badass witchy feminist, dabble in crystal healing, need to clear the stale air in your space, or are a longtime spooky soul. Ghost Poppy is for all who are interested in bringing a little magic into their life, or at least a great smelling candle.

How do you use our kits? Well for starters each kit comes with super easy instructions, so youll never be at a loss of how to use it. And you can use the kits more than once, you can use them until you're all out of the kit materials. We recommend using our kits when you’re feeling a sense of unease, or when your space feels lacking of certain elements, or whenever the fuck you want!

I like to use our Refresh Kit once it starts getting warm outside and I open the windows for the first time. I just like helping clear the house from the stale winter air. The housewarming kit is also great around the winter holidays, it makes my space feel warm and cozy, just what I need for the cooler weather. I use our Earth Kit when Im having a hard time slowing down, which is always.

Our candles are specifically scented to help evoke the qualities of the elements or crystals that they represent. Our Candles have a medium to strong scent throw (meaning the smell radius they reach when lit). I know what you’re thinking, candles? Isn’t that a little cliché?

Of course it is! Thats what makes candles so great! Our candles look lovely in any home, smell amazing, and evoke the senses!

-Karla Schulze

Ghost Poppy’s badass witchy founder