Ghost Poppy Spell Kits make great gifts, trust us we've given out a few for special occasions. While you may know that you want to get your friend/lover/person a kit as a gift, you may be at a loss for which kit to purchase (because they're all so great). We've made this little guide to help you.


Refresh Spell Kit- A birthday is a perfect starting point. After our failed attempts at a new years resolution, birthdays are always there help us start anew. Our Refresh Kit helps the caster clear and cleanse their space so they can become mentally prepared to start a new year.


Love Spell Kit- Birthdays have us looking back at the previous year. We can see what the year might have lacked and what we wish for in the coming year. Our Love Kit brings back the energy and passion that you get when starting anew!

New Baby

Harmony Spell Kit- A new baby means a lot of new rules, responsibilities, and so much love. When a routine is interrupted, it can lead to a strain on the space and those who live in it. Bringing unity and understanding to the new routine can help all inhabitants transition into this new life seamlessly.  

Just married/engaged

Calming Spell Kit- Dates, dresses, guests, food, drinks, the list is endless. Planning a wedding can be chaotic, sometimes all you want to do is put your feet up and take a deep breath. When we are busy, our space can become crowded with chaotic energy. Our Calming Kit is one giant deep breath for your space.

New Home

Housewarming Spell Kit- Whether it’s a brand new home in need of some breaking in, or an old one with a new owner, homes need a certain something to make them feel welcoming. Our Housewarming Kit provides that something.  That cozy, comfortable, warm feeling that just screams, I’m home!

In a funk

Air Spell Kit- At a crossroads? Not sure where to go from here? Our Air Kit can help to clear a path for communication from your heart to your brain. This helps you to pause and look at your situation with clear and rational thought, while fully analyzing all of your options, so that you can make the tough choices that life demands.

Earth Spell Kit- Sometimes we feel like we are lacking something in our lives, although we may not be sure what it is. Grounding yourself can help you accept responsibility and bring attention to any limitations that you may have in your life. Learn to accept abundance and strength in all of its forms.


Water Spell Kit- When we are sad we tend to fixate on things that are beyond our control. Sometimes we need to cleanse our minds to allow us to see and feel clearly; allowing for new wisdoms to help guide us and allow new emotions to flood in.  


Fire Spell Kit- Keep the passion and energy from the completion of a major life event going. Usually within a few weeks, we lose that "I can do anything" feeling. You can be on top of the world all of the time; you just need the drive, passion, and fire to keep from fading out.


Every Kit- All of our spell kits are great for any holiday giving!